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The idea to found Acsena started from the big disaster in 2018


Acsena Humanis Response puts forward the human side in carrying out social tasks, education, a clean environment, research on climate change and natural disasters, conservation of natural resources, medical and humanitarian assistance, or other services deemed necessary for the benefit of all those in need.




Indonesia, as the land of humanity and spirituality, is the headquarters of ACSENA Humanis Respon. The team consists of employees with multi-cultural and multi-religious backgrounds, who all live the passion of humanitarian support using their resources.

The idea to found Acsena Humanis Respon came about after the many severe earthquakes in 2018, which mainly affected Lombok, Sulawesi, Banten and Bali.

Every single team member was involved in the disasters either as volunteers or in various vital functions. They all demonstrated drive, empathy and organized thinking in these challenging hours of a struggle for survival.

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